2020 Covid-19 Cancellation

Due to the current uncertainty regarding

Covid-19, we have decided to

cancel the 2020 Uncle Paul’s Christmas Party season. 

This is not a decision that was taken lightly and is a decision that has been taken in the best interests of both our guests and volunteers.

Father Christmas and Uncle Paul want to protect you and make sure you are safe for next year's party, where we know you will be able to have fun (and throw straw)!

We understand how important your child's safety is to you and we would like to avoid any possible risk of ruining your families festive season by running Uncle Paul's this year. Part of the beauty of our event is children, as well as their families, being able to experience the festivities and be part of the Uncle Paul's narrative alongside other equally excited and enthusiastic children. We feel that maintaining adequate social distancing measures would detract from the incredible atmosphere that we take so much pride in creating and maintaining every year.

The team will be using this year to reflect on the last 64 years of tradition, as well as look at ways of improving certain aspects of the party. 


If you have any suggestions please click on the envelope below to contact us.

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