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Castle Rules

Only for families with children between the  ages of
3 - 8 years old
Guests must sit in their allocated seats


Respect the volunteers and organisers of the party
Tickets can not be changed, transferred or swapped


Uncle Paul’s Christmas Parties are held on Groot Constantia Farm.

  • Once you are through the farm gates, follow the road towards Simon’s Restaurant.

  • Please pull into the holding bay behind the cellars opposite the lawn. This is to avoid the heavy build-up of cars in Simon’s parking lot.

  • Groups of cars will be called to the usual check-in hut directly opposite Simon’s Restaurant as and when space becomes available.

  • It is important that you follow our helper’s directions and instructions and REMAIN IN YOUR CAR AT ALL TIMES.

  • Gates open at 6pm. Please do not come before 5:30pm.

  • Please remember that the helpers are only there to assist you and we would appreciate your co-operation and support throughout the process. Any unnecessary aggression or rudeness will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave.

We will check you in as quickly as possible.

Venue & Check-in


At the check-in hut, we will do the following:

Check your ticket to ensure it is the ticket allocated to your family
Collect your child’s present for inclusion in Father Christmas’s sack
Collect any toys, canned food or old clothes that you have kindly brought to donate to those less fortunate
Show you to our allocated parking area, as we are guests on the farm and we must abide by the rules set by the farm management
Check-in Hut


Please make sure you tick everything on this checklist before attending!

What to bring

Your Webtickets ticket.

A present for your child:

The gift must be securely wrapped with the child’s name and surname in large bold letters on white background(Please include the phonetic spelling for unusual names).

SIZE: Not larger than a standard Shoe box (30cm X 20cm X 10cm).

Gift value no more than R150.

NO toy guns allowed. 

Hide it in a black plastic bag or something so that your children AND those behind you in the queue do not see it when you hand it to us.

Toys, canned food or gifts for the underprivileged.

A picnic supper for your family.

Warm clothes for later because it can get cold.

Optional: Collection money for Mr Plod’s hat after the party.

Please reload


Any child of present receiving age that has not been officially registered and booked into the party

Any form of liquor or alcohol

Fire arms, knives or other dangerous weapons

Cell phones - put them on silent if you really need them

Please leave valuable jewellery at home as it may get lost in the hay

What NOT to bring
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